Finding a Senior Portrait Photographer: Part 2

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Finding a senior portrait photographer can be challenging so we kicked off Part 1 with, 5 Questions to ask a Senior Photographer. Part 2 takes a deeper dive into one of the most important questions, May I see a full gallery. I’m guiding you on how to review galleries.

It’s Senior Portrait season

Class of 2025 it’s that time of year when your high school is prepping for your senior yearbook meaning it’s time for senior portraits. I thought you’d like some additional tips to finding a senior portrait photographer. If you’re looking for senior pictures that you love then you’ll need to find a senior portrait photographer who can deliver! Read on.

May I see a full gallery?

I’m diving even deeper into this topic. During client gallery reviews the common feedback I’ve received is that there’s so much variety. This prompted me to list additional things to look for when reviewing a gallery:

1.Is there a variety of emotion being shown. You are more than just one emotion, so why would you want every image smiling or serious. There’s a whole lot in between. Are the galleries that you’re looking at giving you all the feels?

2. Are the images more posed and stiff or is there movement and an ease to the images that make your senior portraits feel more editorial than posed? More authentic?


3. Are the angles varied? Meaning, if all shots are taken at eye level, front on, there isn’t a lot of variation.

4. Are images taken from different focal lengths? This means that there are close-ups, mid-distance and panoramic shots that bring in the environment.

Bonus Questions: Do you offer video?

Incorporating video into the day and then sharing it whether it be at the final gallery review or sharing clips of video is a great bonus for your senior portraits.

So now it’s officially 10 questions for finding a Senior Portrait Photographer! Get in Touch if you’d like a complimentary consultation for Senior Portraits. Dates are filling up for class of 2025.

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