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Prom pictures editorial style sounds impossible. Right?! I mean isn’t it mandatory to get all the girls leaning in with their corsages. Hmmmm, not necessarily. If you want senior prom pictures with feeling behind them and look like they came out of a magazine then read on. Class of 2023 and 2024 are you taking notes.

Plan Ahead

Book your prom pictures ahead of prom day. I’m not kidding. This was Brooke and Andre’s idea and it was genius! Here’s why

  1. NO STRESS. Nobody is rushing around trying to do all the things and there isn’t a huge audience of friends and family causing distractions. Then the day of prom you KNOW you’ve got the images that you WANT.
  2. OPTIONS. If it rains we reschedule. We’re able to pick the best time of day for beautiful lighting AND to choose the location rather than being on the front yard.


Brooke wason my Squad 2022 this year and she knows a thing or two about styled shoots. Her boyfriend Andre also LOVES fashion (per Brooke) so that right there is a win-win. We went back and forth with ideas and we landed on a slick, fashiony feel. Articulating the feel of a shoot then allows me to manage that whole concept through, lighting, location, movement, camera settings…


They brought props; sunglasses and a basketball. Andre is a basketball player. Give a guy a ball, stick, mitt…and they instantly are more at ease. It was time to “play ball” and they slayed it!


If you’ve been on my About Me page then you know my superpower is getting people comfortable in front of the camera really quickly. The energy changes a little when I have a teen couple but I know where I can go and how close they’ll get when I’m photographing them. Brooke and Andre were an absolute dream to photograph!

That’s how you create prom pictures editorial style. Did you take notes? The biggest takeaway is plan ahead.

NOTE: My calendar gives first preference to clients who have already had a senior photoshoot with me.


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