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What is a personal branding photoshoot has a lot of interpretations depending on the photographer. This is mine:

A photoshoot that feels effortless resulting in a library full of personality infused images that look and feel like you and your brand, making it easy to connect with your ideal client.

How do I create a photoshoot that feels effortless?

I approach your photoshoot with intention and thoroughly plan it as I would a magazine editorial spread. 

  • It’s not a one size fits all. 
  • I don’t leave anything to chance 
  • I provide a team of professionals so you don’t have to source them.

Let’s walk through my most recent personal branding photoshoot.

Client Introduction

Berit Bizjak is a luxury wedding photographer who photographs weddings in both New York City and Europe. She wanted personal branding images that reflect her down to earth personality (genuine and caring) as well as visually stating that she’s a professional who knows the luxury market.


Discovery Call

After an in depth conversation and subsequently completing a questionnaire here are just a few of the determinants in creating Berit’s photoshoot.  

  • Branding colors: beige, cream, navy, black. 
  • Branding Words: Elegant, Timeless, Luxury. 
  • Styling through wardrobe, props and accessories to bring in a French undertone. 
  • Inspiration through travel and classic architecture.

Creating a Moodborad

Berit received the attached to give her a visual to start pulling from her closet coordinating outfits. It also serves as a guide to ensure we are visually translating her brand correctly.


Styling Expertise

I send a guide of what to pull from her closet. I’ve been styling all of my photoshoots including editorial photoshoots for years. I know how to create “a look”, what works on particular body types, the most complimentary colors for you and how we can elevate pieces that you already have.  

example: We chose monotone color palettes with classic pieces in cashmere, suede and leather all of which read luxury, timeless and elegant. A sweater draped over the shoulders is very European in nature. I can go on and on. Styling plays a huge role into creating a look and feel.


Disclaimer: Berit offers my styling services to her engaged couples.

After the call I sent Berit multiple links to pieces that would complete looks. It’s a back and forth conversation that always ensures you’re going to feel confident and look amazing!

Accessories and props are also discussed which adds a whole other layer to your branding photoshoot. 

Why Do props and accessories matter?

If I can incorporate pieces that make it easy for you to write about and post it makes your life easier.

example:I asked Berit to bring any piece of jewelry that may have sentimental value to her. She brought her grandmother’s bracelet which Berit wore at her own wedding. 

Now think about how easy it is for a wedding photographer to use one of their branding images and write a personal post about how they love the sentimentality of their profession, as Berit truly does. It resonates because it’s personal to who Berit is.


Call Sheet

A week prior to the shoot I send out a call sheet. Think of it as my “Waze” for the photoshoot. All the details (contacts, locations, sets: outfit, props, posing inspiration, shot list) are placed in a call sheet which is designed to sit on your phone for easy referral. There’s no thinking required on the day of the photoshoot. Follow the call sheet when packing. Follow the call sheet on site.

Skin Prep Guide

I’ll send this out with the call sheet which includes all of the “best of” tips I’ve not only learned over the past 15 years but have generously received by the pros I’ve worked with.

I always advise having a hair and makeup artist throughout the day of the photoshoot (I have my favorites on speed dial). They touch up as we move through the shoot and are indispensable, always ensuring hair and makeup are spot on. 

Photoshoot Day

I’ll be honest with you. I was a little nervous photographing a fellow photographer. That feeling lasted about a minute:D! It was sheer joy photographing Berit surrounded by the team of professionals who were with us.  Lina was on hair and makeup and Andrew assisted on behind the scenes video. We cranked up Berit’s favorite music, had a beautiful day and started to create. Four hours later we had set after set of personality infused images that Berit will be using for months.

“Paige was wonderful, I had a lot of fun on this shoot and was very comfortable with Paige. Leading up to the shoot, we discussed style, vibe, purpose, and locations and props. All were done to perfection. I received her ‘call sheet’ that has everything I needed, my outfits (in order), and locations. It really was perfection. Paige totally understands luxury (she has a rich corporate work history around the world), and left no detail unattended! If anyone is looking for a branding photoshoot, this is your girl!! Thank you so much Paige!! Oh, and I do recommend have your hair and makeup person on site (we spent 4 hrs.).”

Berit Bizjak, Luxury Wedding Photographer

Gallery Review

Shortly after the photoshoot we set up an appointment to review your images that are fully edited and lightly retouched. Select your favorites and select additional images if you’d like. The takeaway is a library of images that you love and are easy to speak to when posting and marketing. 


After Berit saw her gallery of images this is what she said…

I love them all…(she paused a minute) I can’t believe I just said that! I’ve never loved images of myself!



  • You’re a creative entrepreneur in the luxury market who wants a personal branding photoshoot that feels easy
  • Need images that you are proud to post of yourself AND are effortless to speak about.
  • Want to be surrounded by a team of professionals without having to outsource them yourself.

Get in touch.

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