Girls weekend in Miami


I had a girls weekend in Miami or maybe I should say a spring break in Miami and it’s one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. This wasn’t the type of girls trip you may be thinking. I took the trip with my college-aged daughter. One of the strongest common threads […]

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I'm quick to laugh and cry, especially if there are kids or dogs involved. I write and photograph straight from the heart. This blog is where it all comes out - all the feels. Nothing makes me happier than to watch someone in front of my camera get lost in the joy of the moment. Read on if you want to know more, feel more and find something to smile about.


Mom of 2, tom(s) girl, who loves to play with fashion and can rock a camera. 

Hi, I'm Paige P! Your photographer, stylist, director, cheerleader.

Making you feel at ease in front of the camera almost instantly is my superpower. After 225 photoshoots and counting: photographing, styling, choosing locations, editing and everything that comes with a photoshoot... I've learned and fine-tuned a few things along the way to ensure your photoshoot is ALL ABOUT YOU. 

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