Freshman Crew: Ideal for the girls who love being in front of the camera, want extra photoshoots love to laugh and make new friends. 

Freshman Crew

They're changing fast and you've started slacking off with documenting their childhood. DON'T STOP now. 




She's dipping her toes into adulthood. After first semester of Freshman year, the 8th grader is in the rearview mirror. 

Sweet 16:  A highly personalized custom photoshoot as a thoughtful alternative to the sometimes overwhelming party.

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As moms, we're the memory keepers. We document everything beginning from birth. DON'T STOP NOW. Their teen years are equally transformative. 


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The ultimate year long senior experience. Make new friends, be in photoshoots throughout the year. Begins April of Junior year and extends through entire Senior year. For the free-spirited, adventurous girl.

Sr. Squad


This is it.  I've seen it time after time. They change once graduated. Don't let this time slip by.

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