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Teen & Senior Portraits

Meaningful experiences lead to unforgettable memories. I create the space to get lost in the joy of the moment capturing candid, beautiful moments of your freshman daughter. 

If you thought middle school went by quickly, then fasten your seatbelt. You will quite literally blink and she'll be graduating. The difference between freshman year and senior year pictures is astounding! The maturity that happens over the next 4 years will be palpable from young teen to an adult. Sure, you’ve got your iphone pics, somewhere, on the phone or maybe on the computer, if you can find them. When is the last time you had professional portraits of your daughter taken? HONOR THIS MILESTONE with beautiful, meaningful, expressive portraits of your daughter. Give her an unforgettable experience and a confidence booster as she’s entering this new phase of her life.

She's going to be a Freshman!

Freespirit at heart, photographer, and your biggest fan.

After 225 photoshoots and counting: photographing, styling, choosing locations, editing and everything that comes with a photoshoot... I've learned and fine-tuned a few things along the way to ensure your photoshoot is ALL YOU. Because really, when all the stars align...locations, outfits, music and the whole general vibe...that's when

Hi! I'm Paige

telling her story WITH joy through an unforgettable experience.

When Paige first told me about "Freshman Crew," I just knew my daughter would want to be a part of it. The photoshoot itself was an amazing experience for my daughter.  The stresses of everyday life for this young teen were gone for just a little while. The most amazing part was my daughter's priceless reaction after seeing herself in these photos. 

-denise B.

this is for you if:

You’re so over the iPhone pics (stuck on the phone) of her with her tongue sticking out or kissy lips.

Want to give her that boost of confidence entering high school.

Crave images of her coming into her own. 

Treasure your relationship with her and want nothing more than to give her an unforgettable experience.



FRESHMAN CREW is the perfect kickoff to starting high school. Not only will you have an experience of a lifetime having your own individual photoshoot but you’ll also have a shoot with the other freshman on Freshman Crew.

Parents, this is a MILESTONE. When you look back on this in four years time you’ll be so happy you did this!

Girls, join with your friends and you’ll have images that you can look back on when you’re seniors and see how far you’ve come!

an experience to remember:

- sydney

My shoot was amazing. It made me feel so free and confident. If I had the choice I would go back to that everyday!

I doubted your ability to get her to let go, and capture that carefree, natural smile. You proved me wrong! Well done, Paige! Thank you! ❤️
You were able to capture emotions that I would not be able to do myself, and that I believe many other photographers would not have been as successful at capturing. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

-Stacy B.

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I can't wait to celebrate this special time in her life with you!

- Paige