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I'm quick to laugh and cry, especially if there are kids or dogs involved. I write and photograph straight from the heart. This blog is where it all comes out - all the feels.


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About Paige

I believe CONVERSATIONS are meant to be face to face. 

I eat peanut butter by the spoonful straight out of the jar. I double dip.

I will keep your biggest, best, juiciest SECRET forever. Even after you’ve told ten other people.

When the newest issue of VOGUE arrives…no texts, please.

Full skirts are meant to TWIRL in, best done in fields, on tabletops and without heels.

The only reason I make homemade cookies is to eat the batter. Don’t you?

A pencil skirt, t-shirt and DIRTY BARE FEET are the perfect summer outfit.

Going for a run and stopping to pick roadside WILDFLOWERS is my idea of circuit training.

Gossip is mean. End of story.

My LL Bean red MENS FLANNEL PJs are the most worn item in my closet.

I wear huge STATEMENT RINGS on my right hand, never the left which is reserved for my wedding rings and nothing else.



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